Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Nusound and Music round up for 2014

I have recently come across an awesome music site called Nusound. They do speakers and headphones and since I'm in need of new headphones I had a little look.

The first headphones I'd look at getting are called Roadie; they are about 25 quid, which for a decent pair of headphones is pretty fairly priced. They come in various colour's for all the fashionistas out there. For me thought I'd get the black just because it will go with everything.

The second pair of headphone's I looked are called Retro. They are a bit more pricey at 35 pounds but still look good. They do only come in 2 colour's so not as much choice but again I'd just go for a black.

I did also have a quid look at the speaker's even though I don't use speakers often. The ones that court my eye are these;

They are the Boom ball and about 40 quid, these would be good for summer when out having fun in the sun with your friends. I would say they'd be good for festival but if they broke, they're not the cheapest to replace.

Now on the more music part of this post: 

What is your favorite song of all time?
My music favorite song of all time is a tough question to answer straight away because I don't have 1 song of all time I like. There are alot of bands and songs I like and love. I listen to a lot of music and my listening changes depending on mood, right now I'm listening to Disney but in the car I'll be listening to some pop/rock, pop/punk, then tomorrow I might be listening to some metalcore and hardcore. I can't give you a song but I shall give you a few songs that stand out and I always come back to:
Anywhere - Evanescence
All I Need - Within Temptation
Unspoken - Lacuna Coil
These Woods aren't Safe for Us - Bury Tomorrow
Kill The Power - Skindred
Dance With The Devil - Breaking Benjamin
Tides - Feed The Rhino

That is a very, very, very small listen of songs I like but there are many more.

Song that you hate?
This is easy, I don't 'hate' many songs. Usually just the artist but a song I've never been able to like is Mcfly - All About You. I just find it very cheesy and not a fan of the guitar or the tune in the song.

 Reading, Lattitude or Download Festival?
Download festival all the way. I've been 6 times and have loved every time I've gone. I've always liked the line-up because its had a nice mix of bands so I can go see bands like Baby Godzilla and Feed the Rhino, then go watch Killswitch Engage and Linkin Park. This year's line-up (so far) is a bit pants but I'll wait to see what else is going to be announced.
Like with all festivals for me it isn't just about the music, the atmosphere has to be good and download always has had a nice atmosphere for me. Very friendly and welcoming to everyone that walks in. If you don't want to talk to people you go to a quieter campsite and stay out of peoples way or you go all out and talk to everyone.
I think it is a good first festival for people to go to, to see what a festival is like.

Favourite workout song/ songs?
Something lazy, I don't 'workout' I'd rather lie in bed all day. I do some exercise but that doesn't need music.

When you’re getting ready for a night out, what gets you pumped and in the mood?
Something heavy. Metal, hardcore, punk and rock are in the playlist.

Who can you listen to on repeat and never get bored of?
Evanescence, Within Temptation, Lacuna Coil, After Forever, Nightwish

Top 3 artists?
See above.

What do you listen to when your in a bad mood in hope that it will cheer you up?
Something angry.

Best album of the year?
Hotel Books - I'm almost Happy Here, But I Never Feel at Home. Check it out, Its am ambient hardcore/ talk music band. For something different and good. Listen.

Favourite song of 2014?
If you've got to this point you will know I cannot pick a favorite.

Thursday, 20 November 2014

Crossfaith 17.11.2014

I started filming a 'day in the life' video on monday but it didn't go well because I forgot to film in the interesting bit. So instead I've decided to write a little review of the gig.
This is my first go at a music review so hopefully it will go ok.

I got to Bristol at about half 6 to meet my friends. We then didn't get to the venue till about 8pm.
The venue had also changed from the Anson Rooms at the University of Bristol to the Marble Factory or Motion as its also called. It was in an industrial estate near temple meads station and I was pretty impressed. They had kept all the 'warehouse' feature's and the bar was just some wooden slabs put together to make a bar. It felt like I was in some dirty underground club which kinda added the atmosphere a bit. By the time we got there we had missed the first band.
They are called Cytota and I have no idea how they were but I have seen them before in Birmingham (there hometown) and I remember they were good. They are a Rock/Metal/Melodic-metalcore style to they fit well with the other bands on the bill.
Here is their song Shapes for you to listen to:

Next on to the stage were a band I'd never heard of and couldn't hear what they were called because it was shouted in to the microphone. I found out from talking to some people at the gig they are called ColdRain 
They are from japan and as the first band I saw that night,; what an opener. Their performance was spot on with so much energy the crowd was going crazy for them. They played the set flawlessly, with a nice balence of playing songs and interacting with the crowd. For a first timer seeing them they really imprested me and have a new fan.
On their facebook they say they're a rock band but on a heavier side of rock I'd say with some un-clean vocals but not to harsh for the untrained ear.
They really got me going the the rest of bands and they could easily headline there own show now!
Have a listen yourself: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9dPUzmWms04

The main support for the tour is a band called Silent Screams and they are a metalcore band from Coventry. I saw them 4 times last year, the exact same set for 3 of them a silently longer one for the headline tour. Now they have a new album out they can play more songs!
They started off with 'The Way We Were' a stand alone single they released in between album 1 and 2. Then they moved in to some tracks from the new album which was good the hear and Joel(un-clean vocals) is a very good lead, getting the crowd to move and excited about seeing them. One of the reasons I personally like them is the contrast between the 2 vocalists. Un-clean vocals are low and might to be appealing to everyone but when Tom they're bassist and clean vocalist comes in the other half the crowd are pleased and like listening to the nice melodic vocals which they can sing along with. The whole band performance is in harmony, really getting their excitement to the crowd which roles through and gets the crowd moving, even if it's just taping their foot a bit.
They end with the classic track 'When it Rains' which is a good finisher because everyone knows it and they have good sing-along bit for the crowd. Overall, they are a band that fits the high energy bill and really added to the crowd anticipation on seeing Crossfaith next.
Have a listen: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sD-dcc7H3jk

I saw Crossfaith at Download Festival this year and I tell anyone this but they creamed all over the first band on, on the Friday. Being the first few bands on stage on Friday can be hard but Crossfaith came on and gave it there all and everyone had been jumping, headbanging, moshing along to them by the end of their short set. Now it was time to see how they really were; headline set on their first UK tour, from a little taster and hoping for good things, very good things.
It started with a 15-20 minute rave mix which was good, got the crowd going but I think a bit to long because after a while I was going 'you starting now?'
They came of with instant energy which exploded over the crowd. I was straight away cramped up and being 5ft its not very nice! for the first few songs I didn't mind though, I got caught up in the excited and energy around me. I don't got all out at gigs now, I prefer to hang back and watch now but this one really got me going. I jumped, head banged and moved, I got squashed and I didn't care. Every song was perfectly timed to go in to the next one and I lost track of time. I moved back after a while to get a drink and watch near the back to fully appreciate what I was seeing.
what I saw was something I haven't seen a while. Other than the edges, the whole crowd was a moving mass of flesh and sweat. I still nodded my head along and enjoyed the site I was seeing. Crossfaith themselves were giving a spectacular performance, energy all the through and even the drummer was making himself known to the crowd.
They did play Omen in their encore, the song I think everyone knows them for, its how I found them. Everyone was going crazy for it, even nodding along slightly.
I think the only bad point of the show was Kenta was saying a lot that they were from Japan and this was their first headline tour in the UK, it is a bit nit picky but, I got to give something that wasn't good about the performance. Can't be to bias. For me though it is just something that annoys me, I'm just ' OK, heard you first time, don't need to be told again and again and again..' you get the idea. Overall they are one of the favorite live bands and would defiantly go see them again and recommend going to see them. Even if you don't know any of their songs you will most likely enjoy it.
Have a listen to them: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cg9sCRzbvHY

Since this is my first music review I'm not sure how to really wrap it all up but I will say, check all the bands out and defiantly go see them live. The show is defiantly in my top 5 gigs of the year which is a hard list to choose from! Anyway, please share and comment your thoughts. All much appreciated.

Till my next review.

Thursday, 13 November 2014


I've been having a little online browse and decided to do a little 'Wishlist' of items I'd like and how I would style them with clothes I already have.

Miss Rebel:
I've never been on this site before and was presently surprised on the price of clothes. I always like shopping in affordable shops or online store's and always nice to find another well priced store.
Here are my picks I'd want to get:

I love shorts and these light blue denim shorts would fit nicely in my wardrobe. Will go with majority of my tops and shorts. Every wardrobe needs some basic blue shorts.

I do like my crop tops and thought this top would go nicely with the shorts above. It would also go with all my shorts and dungarees. 
 I've been wanting a red tartan dress for ages and now I've found 2! This style of dress suits my body type with a belt to pull it in at the waist and hide by pesky stomach. Would go well with my black boots and leather jacket.
 I think its the picture but this dress seems a tad lighter but still very pretty. The style would again suit me but I'd need to see if it looks ok with my shoulders because sleeveless dresses can make them look a lot bigger than they are.
 Basic black vest which will go with anything.
 This dress is a bit more out of my comfort zone but looks very nice and the style would suit me. Just would need to see if the pattern does!

Liquor and Poker:
I LOVE shorts. I've been wearing shorts and tights for years and its something I feel comfy in and enjoy wearing. I found this on asos and liked some of there peices.

I don't own any distressed shorts and these basic blue shorts would be good to have to give me a slightly edger look. Will go with many tops I own and will look very good with my band tees.

These are more avant garde than my other shorts but would look really nice.

I don't wear a lot of jeans, I've never felt very comfy in them and feel very fat and ugly in them. I've not idea but that's usually how I feel. 
I have however been wanting to try the MOM jeans that are around at the moment. I have no idea if they'd suit me but they do look nice, which is a step.

That's my little wishlist of some items I like. Please comment and share if you liked this list or have other ideas. Thank you :)

Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Make up.

So the other week I realized I needed to get some more make up. Now I'm not a big make up person, I really only wear eye make up and very rarely wear foundation, blusher and all that.
Make up has never really been an important thing to me, only in the past year have I wanted to try it more and see what works but I still stick to eye make up.
My usual look was black/grey eye shadow, eye liner and mascara. I would wear blue, purple or silver eye shadow but only if it went with the outfit. I've been mainly inspired by various YouTuber's I've watched to try some other color's and techniques.
Since I was inspired I went to Superdrug and did some shopping. Like I've mentioned I'm not a make up person so I've no idea what are the best brands to try. For me I go for the best priced which isn't going to break the bank, I've found that Collections is good for me, affordable ( with most items being 2-5pounds) and got some nice color's and everything I want to try.
I loaded up on some of the products I've used before because I needed a refresh.


Accidentally got the brown.black but still looks fine.
Eye liner:

These I've found are best for me, The eye liner lasts and gives a good line (with practice!) and the mascara is a nice one for an everyday look plus the first coat on if your doing more than one layer.

The next ones I picked I had never tried before but thought they would be good to add to what I already had.

Clear Mascara:
The clear mascara I choose because I wanted something that would be good for an everyday look but not a colored mascara. I've used this once so far and works well. This was in the Little Minx collection of Collections. 
Glitter Eye Liner:
I think this is a must have in your make up collection, I've used this with many looks and turns a normal look in to a nice 'going out' look. Really gives my eyes that extra bit of wow. I'd recommend using it over a black or coloured eye liner, I did use it as my eye liner once but didn't really work as well.

Longer Lash Mascara:
I got this mascara to try. It does make a bit of difference but not majorly, mainly used this with other mascaras to help boost my eye lashes.

BB Cream:
I've never used a BB cream before and to be honest had no idea what it really was but I was wanting to try new things so got it. It has surprised me and I really like it. I find its a lot lighter than foundation I use and lot nicer on my skin. My skin feels to breath a bit more with it on and I've used a few times just for wearing in the day.

The blusher I was more unsure about. Did the back of hand test and thought I'd look ok and it has looked nice. I'm not very good at judging stuff to go with skin tone but it looked nice and gave my cheeks that subtle glow I like to have.

Eye Shadow:
I also was wanting to find some new eye shadow, more specifically the natural tones that I've seen people use a lot. I couldn't find any pallets in Collections section so had a look at other brands to see what I could find and what was affordable. I ended up looking at the Barry M range and found 2 really nice eye shadow pallets that suited me.

If you can't read upside down it says 'Smokin' Hot Palette, shadow and blush,'
You get a better look at the colour's in the second picture.
 It has a nice gradient from light to dark to do the gradient thing on eyes which I have done myself with the white, grey and shinny black. I looks really nice and blended very well. The brushes that came with it work fine for me. It also came with a blusher which I have tried but didn't look very nice with my skin tone. Was to bright and the colour just did not match! Was about 6-7 pounds which I thought was very good for a palette and blusher. This will last me a while and be a good everyday and evening make up.

Can read this better but it says 'Natural glow palette 2, shadow and primer'
I looked at both one's and prefered the colours in this one, it also comes with a primer.
 Can see the colour's again here.
I have used this palette once and it did look very nice. Need to work with a bit more to get the colors right but all nice. Will be a nice one to use for a more natural make up look. I also like the fact it comes with a primer which saves you buying an extra eye primer. This was also 6-7 pounds which again is great value for a eye shadow palette and primer.

I did also get some black and clear nail varnish, have also used it and it looked nice but did come off very quickly but that was because I didn't have time for it to dry properly.

Thanks for reading. please comment/share if you enjoyed :)
cya soon x

Thursday, 30 October 2014

Little Clothing Haul and Outfit Ideas.

I say little, this is all my clothes I got throughout October.
For the Review of them watch here:

Thank you for watching the video if you did and please subscribe for more.

I've put together some outfits with my clothes that I'd wear and maybe you might want to wear.
Not all clothes featured in my October Haul are in the outfits, just some of my favorite picks. I've not link most of it because they are from big high street retailers and the shops aren't hard to find. Also a lot of the clothes won't be available in the shops because they are a few years old but could probably find something similar or look on ebay.

Outfit Ideas:
Outfit 1:
My first outfit I through together for Halloween as a last minute thing. Needs some work for a dressing up outfit but as an everyday outfit it will work just fine. I wouldn't wear the wig with outfit for the everyday one because it looks like a wig and is more for dressing up. To complete the outfit I'd want to find a cupcake hat and bag to be a 'Cupcake Princess.'
Overall I think this makes a nice pretty, girly outfit for the days you want to feel cute.
Tights would either be plain black or skin colored.
To get this look:
Wig: Ebay
Necklace: New look
Dress: H&M
Bag: H&M
Shoes: New Look 

Outfit  2:
This outfit was easy to put together. The shorts will go with most crop tops. I choose the Pink crop shirt though because its flattered the shorts and the shoes very well. This can be adapted for most tops/shoes and outfit ideas. I will wear tights with the outfit but I'dd decide what ones on the day and jacket I change depending on the weather.
 How to get this look:
Necklace: Charity Shop
Crop Shirt: Republic (now USC)
Shorts: New Look but got them from Ebay
Shoes: Dr Martins

Outfit 3: 
This is a basic everyday outfit I could wear for any casual event. It can be adapted for the night by changing the shoes. Very easy and can be changed depending on your own personal style. 
I could change the jacket depending on the weather but a coat or leather jacket would be my first choice. This is also one of my many outfits I end up wearing that's mainly New Look clothes.
 Get this look:
Necklace: New Look
Top: New Look
Shorts: New Look but got from Ebay
Tights: Primark but can get from any shop
Shoes: New Look

Outfit 4:
This is one of the favorite Autumn outfits. I love Maroon and Black together. I brought the skirt a while ago but didn't have much to go with it. I saw the hat which i knew would. Been a slow accumulation of clothes but finally have completed it. The shoes I reviews in the video and they really are so comfy and easy to walk in. glad I got them. They are available now so I defiantly recommend buying them.
 Get the look:
Hat: New Look
Necklace: sheinside
Jacket: Tammy(very old, had since I was 11/12)
Skirt: New Look
Tights: Primark
Shoes: New Look

Thursday, 16 October 2014

Day in the life 141014

First day in the life.
See what I got up to in video rather than my awful English.

Day in London 14.10.2014

Woke up.
Got ready.
Went to Cheltenham.
Met my mate.
Went to the train station.
Got the train.
Got to London.
That's the summary of the morning which isn't very exciting really.

I've not been to London for a couple months and before that I hadn't been in years, so I was pretty excited to be going to the capitol again.
The reason for going was to go see a band called Skillet. They are from America and I've liked them for about 7 years. This was their first headline tour in the UK and London was only date I could do.
Was worth it but we'll get to that later.

Back to my day; we had time to kill since doors weren't till 7 and we got in to London at half 2. Decided to go to the science museum since its free and probably something interesting to see.
Wasn't to bad, I wish there had been more interactive stuff to do but hey ho, can't get everything in life.
Here are some pictures I took:

After the museum we did some more tube traveling and went and met a friend of ours who's in London at the minute working. We walked up Islington since it was only about a 20 minutes walk and rush hour on the tube I've heard is not very nice.
Was nice to walk around to be honest, instead of being stuck in a crapped tube station.
Once we'd got to the Islington area, we went for some tea at Nando's. I then has the hardest decision of my life:
Chicken or chicken?

Was tough but I decided to go for chicken. More precisely, chicken wings, corn on the cob and garlic bread. Was very tasty, Also had a Sangrea to go with the meal.

With our belly's full we headed to the gig at the O2 Academy Islington. I've never been to this O2 was surprised it was in a shopping center and not very big. We went upstairs to the balcony floor because I'd rather be able to chill and see, than be stuck in a crowd.

The first band weren't on till about 8 and I think they were called LTNT but they never really made that clear. They were pretty average with there music but good performance.
Skillet came on at about 9 and opened with Whispers in the Dark from their comatose album. They had a violin and cello player with them which added a nice effect and had there own solo's at the beginning and end of the whole night.
 They came on with a lot of energy which was constant through the whole night.
They played a mix of songs from their album Collide (2003), Comatose (2006), Awake (2009) and Rise (2013).
I was very happy see them, I've not been this excited about a band in a long time. This was their third time coming to the UK; First was supporting Nickelback (which I would of gone to if I had known they were playing) and they played Download Festival this year on the second stage, Which I did go to.
Was an amazing night and wish I could relive the whole thing again and again and again...

After the show we headed to Victoria coach station to get our bus back to Cheltenham and have some well deserved sleep.

Overall, the day was amazing and need to go to a gig in London again sometime. It is a long way to travel but for the right band, its worth it.

I did films bits of the day and shall be making a video out of them which I'll do a post about soon.

Please give me feed back on my first longish writing piece, will help me improve on the next one I do.

Thursday, 9 October 2014

OOTD 09/10/2014

My final look with the cat skirt.
Goes nicely with the pastel pink wig to create a pretty, casual/smart outfit.

Tuesday, 7 October 2014

OOTD 07.10.2014

New outfit of the day. Hype and give feed back please :)

Cat Skirt from Chicnova with outfit idea.

Before un-wrapping

 A few weeks ago I brought a new skirt from a site called Chicnova.
It is a cat skater style skirt, in white with purple tinted cats. Its a silky materiel and really soft to wear. Only bad thing is its a bit short on me but that's the problem with big bums and skirts. I will need to wear leggings or shorts underneath them to wear them out so I'm not showing off my bum to the world.

They also have good costumer service because I accidentally brought the skirt twice. My first transaction didn't go through properly so I did it again. I realized straight away what had happened and contacted them. A few hours later they had replied saying that I had paid for the item twice and that they would refund me the first item. The money then appeared in my bank a couple days later.

Here is an outfit idea I had for the skirt.
Black crop top from HnM
Pastel Purple Necklace from New Look
Black Bow belt from New Look
Cat tights from Ebay 
Studded Creepers from New Look

 Black is an easy colour to put with the skirt but I think it emphsises the skirt and the necklace more.
The whole thing flatters my figure nicely and will be a cute outfit to wear out.

Tattoo all booked.

Looking forward to this one. getting it on my calf. 
Will have to wait to see what its like though

Tuesday, 30 September 2014

OOTD 30.09.2014

My new Outfit of the day.

Been working from home so gone for a casual comfy look.

Crosses top is more a very light jumper than a top, I got it from New Look in the sale ages ago so I know its not made anymore.

Basic blue high waist-ed shorts to go with the top. simple and comfy.

I'm wearing maroon vans on my feet, comfy, practical and always look nice.

Monday, 29 September 2014

Hello world, this is me.

Me and a teddy.

Hello, thats me. ok, slightly better picture of me than the average selfie.

The average selfie.

I am going to be like every other genereic blog out there.
the following will be posted on this page:
1. Fashion
2. Youtube
4. Music
5. The occasional interesting thing that might happen to me

If this has sparked an interest give me a follow and I will most likely follow back.