Sunday, 15 February 2015


Another Outfit of the Day I put together. This dress is one of my favorites and i always crack it out in the spring and summer.

I put it with my jeffery campbell litas but would go with any black/blue/white/red shoe. I also find a little bit japanese style because of the sailor style and more so when I use a big cat bell choker and the back horns in my hair.

Thursday, 12 February 2015

Monday, 2 February 2015

OOTD 02.02.2015

Been sorting out some Outfits of the Day recently because been meaning to show you lovely people some more of my outfits that I wear out and about. I've done some pictures but I have also filmed some video's that will be coming on my Youtube channel.

This outfit is one I wore the other day to a gig. For the winter months I do like wearing slightly loose denim shirts done all the way up. I think it flatters my figure in a different way to dresses and a loss t-shirt does.

The shirt is from New Look, I believe I got it last year so you can easily find something similar from any shop. This is a lighter blue then some shirts but the lighter colour goes well with my hair and the necklace.

The Necklace is also from the either the Summer or Autumn line in New Look and I don't think available any more but it is a nice soft coloured necklace that just adds a hint of extra colour to the outfit. It also goes with my hair. I would normally wear a more statement necklace but because of the earrings I felt a bolder necklace would clash with them.

The earrings are from an Etsy shop called I'm Your Present, I took a little risk with the earrings because I'm not a bold earrings kind of girl but now I've properly styled them with outfits they look amazing and add that little bit more to the outfit. Go check out the store because there are some lovely things there, I am going to do a blog post giving a proper review of I'm Your Present.

To finish off this look I'm just wearing some rose patterned grey tights and black shorts. Black short go best because you don't want them over powering the shirt. Tights though can be a bit more bold and interesting but the outfit still looks stunning with plain black tights.
If your not a shorts and tights girl like me, some pleather leggings, plain black leggings or jeans would look nice as well.

On the shoe front you have a few options. Dr martins would give a more grungy, casual feel. A pair of pretty ankle, black boots would give a smart feel, if nice enough weather a pair of flats. If your more of a heels girl, Jeffery Campbell black lita's would look stunning.

Hope you enjoy, much love xx