Monday, 19 January 2015

Phoenix Rose Jewellery Review

I've been doing a lot of Etsy shopping and have a long list of stuff in my basket that I have been slowly buying over the last few months. Since I have accumulated a fair amount I think its time to start writing some reviews on the products I have got from Etsy.

I'm going to start with Phoenix Rose Jewellery.

As the name suggests this shop does jewellery, mainly plugs but with some earrings, necklaces and bracelets. I found the store when searching plug shops in the UK. I purchased a set of 10mm Beauty and the Beast inspired plugs. They came in this lovely packaging:

Was so cute! ^.^
Inside was a few bits of paper for stopping breakages and the plugs were in a nice little pink bag.
The presentation was very good, neatly wrapped box and inside the box and this was before I got the product!

A cute little bag to keep them in.

So, on to the plugs. For starters, they looked like the picture, which already gives a good positive to this review!

They are a Rose picture set in a round frame with a bow dangling on each then a mirror and rose on the bottom.

The plugs are black with a screw fit at one end so I get can put it in my ear, I do like the screw ones because you can put them in to ears that might not be fully healed. I not talking about fresh - 1 week of stretching but before its fully healed. I'm a bit weary of double flared plugs so always stay in the safe zone. They are well placed on and don't feel loose at all so when wearing out they won't suddenly fall off.

On the store I could choose a size of plug I wanted, if I had odd ears I could get 2 different sizes and I could get them as earrings. Its good to have the choice and these are going to look wonderful with various dresses for when I go for a meal or night out. I'm very happy with the quality and they'll last and make a good statement but pretty addition to my outfits.

Store: Phoenix Rose Jewellery
Price: £15.50

December/Christmas Haul and Favourites 2014

Monday, 5 January 2015

12 good things about 2014.

First off, I'm sorry I've been a bit quiet on the writting front. Been busy over the festive period. I thought I'd do a little positive review of last year by giving 1 good thing that happened each month of last year.

So here goes...

The month I decided to go blonde to go pastel colours. 

I got my dog.

I went to my first ever Burlesque fair.

Glass Dildo anyone?
My friends.

I got my first Tattoo

Download Festival.

First time going 2000 Trees.
The one in Green in the bin...

Mine and Adams first little break together in London to go see La Dispute and Touche Amore.
At the Worlds End.

Massive bed.

I started my Youtube Channel

Bristol to see new and old friends.

Officially got a 2nd job.

Me and Adam have been together 2 years! :D

GOING BLONDE PART 4: The one where I talk to much.