Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Nusound and Music round up for 2014

I have recently come across an awesome music site called Nusound. They do speakers and headphones and since I'm in need of new headphones I had a little look.

The first headphones I'd look at getting are called Roadie; they are about 25 quid, which for a decent pair of headphones is pretty fairly priced. They come in various colour's for all the fashionistas out there. For me thought I'd get the black just because it will go with everything.

The second pair of headphone's I looked are called Retro. They are a bit more pricey at 35 pounds but still look good. They do only come in 2 colour's so not as much choice but again I'd just go for a black.

I did also have a quid look at the speaker's even though I don't use speakers often. The ones that court my eye are these;

They are the Boom ball and about 40 quid, these would be good for summer when out having fun in the sun with your friends. I would say they'd be good for festival but if they broke, they're not the cheapest to replace.

Now on the more music part of this post: 

What is your favorite song of all time?
My music favorite song of all time is a tough question to answer straight away because I don't have 1 song of all time I like. There are alot of bands and songs I like and love. I listen to a lot of music and my listening changes depending on mood, right now I'm listening to Disney but in the car I'll be listening to some pop/rock, pop/punk, then tomorrow I might be listening to some metalcore and hardcore. I can't give you a song but I shall give you a few songs that stand out and I always come back to:
Anywhere - Evanescence
All I Need - Within Temptation
Unspoken - Lacuna Coil
These Woods aren't Safe for Us - Bury Tomorrow
Kill The Power - Skindred
Dance With The Devil - Breaking Benjamin
Tides - Feed The Rhino

That is a very, very, very small listen of songs I like but there are many more.

Song that you hate?
This is easy, I don't 'hate' many songs. Usually just the artist but a song I've never been able to like is Mcfly - All About You. I just find it very cheesy and not a fan of the guitar or the tune in the song.

 Reading, Lattitude or Download Festival?
Download festival all the way. I've been 6 times and have loved every time I've gone. I've always liked the line-up because its had a nice mix of bands so I can go see bands like Baby Godzilla and Feed the Rhino, then go watch Killswitch Engage and Linkin Park. This year's line-up (so far) is a bit pants but I'll wait to see what else is going to be announced.
Like with all festivals for me it isn't just about the music, the atmosphere has to be good and download always has had a nice atmosphere for me. Very friendly and welcoming to everyone that walks in. If you don't want to talk to people you go to a quieter campsite and stay out of peoples way or you go all out and talk to everyone.
I think it is a good first festival for people to go to, to see what a festival is like.

Favourite workout song/ songs?
Something lazy, I don't 'workout' I'd rather lie in bed all day. I do some exercise but that doesn't need music.

When you’re getting ready for a night out, what gets you pumped and in the mood?
Something heavy. Metal, hardcore, punk and rock are in the playlist.

Who can you listen to on repeat and never get bored of?
Evanescence, Within Temptation, Lacuna Coil, After Forever, Nightwish

Top 3 artists?
See above.

What do you listen to when your in a bad mood in hope that it will cheer you up?
Something angry.

Best album of the year?
Hotel Books - I'm almost Happy Here, But I Never Feel at Home. Check it out, Its am ambient hardcore/ talk music band. For something different and good. Listen.

Favourite song of 2014?
If you've got to this point you will know I cannot pick a favorite.