Friday, 11 September 2015

2000 Trees Festival 2015

So i have finally uploaded by 2000 Trees video.

2000 Trees is a festival that happens in the wonderful countryside of the cotswolds, UK, every July.
This was my 2nd year and its still as beautiful and magical as ever.
The whole vibe is very relaxed and friendly. I can do nothing but sit, chill and drink with my friends and its perfect.
The festival itself is cheap, with tickets being less than 100 pounds for 2 and half days. The music is a variety of acoustic, ska, rock, hardcore and indie bands, ranging from bigger acts like Alkaline Trio and Deaf Havana, to smaller acts like The Lion and The Wolf and Milk Teeth. They also have busking stages around the whole place so anyone can grab a guitar and playing for people.

The festival as well is all ages, with family's coming along with there smaller children for the day or even camping. Teenagers coming along for a cheap holiday with their friends and 18+ have a nice weekend with their friends as well, away from the stress of working or uni life.

Another reason I enjoy it is cause a lot of people I work with or know in Cheltenham/Gloucester go there for the weekend, so its always nice to see friends I haven't seen in ages and have a nice catch up and a few cheeking drinking games.

I encourage anyone to go and try it out and make new friends and see new bands.
Check it out here: