Thursday, 16 October 2014

Day in London 14.10.2014

Woke up.
Got ready.
Went to Cheltenham.
Met my mate.
Went to the train station.
Got the train.
Got to London.
That's the summary of the morning which isn't very exciting really.

I've not been to London for a couple months and before that I hadn't been in years, so I was pretty excited to be going to the capitol again.
The reason for going was to go see a band called Skillet. They are from America and I've liked them for about 7 years. This was their first headline tour in the UK and London was only date I could do.
Was worth it but we'll get to that later.

Back to my day; we had time to kill since doors weren't till 7 and we got in to London at half 2. Decided to go to the science museum since its free and probably something interesting to see.
Wasn't to bad, I wish there had been more interactive stuff to do but hey ho, can't get everything in life.
Here are some pictures I took:

After the museum we did some more tube traveling and went and met a friend of ours who's in London at the minute working. We walked up Islington since it was only about a 20 minutes walk and rush hour on the tube I've heard is not very nice.
Was nice to walk around to be honest, instead of being stuck in a crapped tube station.
Once we'd got to the Islington area, we went for some tea at Nando's. I then has the hardest decision of my life:
Chicken or chicken?

Was tough but I decided to go for chicken. More precisely, chicken wings, corn on the cob and garlic bread. Was very tasty, Also had a Sangrea to go with the meal.

With our belly's full we headed to the gig at the O2 Academy Islington. I've never been to this O2 was surprised it was in a shopping center and not very big. We went upstairs to the balcony floor because I'd rather be able to chill and see, than be stuck in a crowd.

The first band weren't on till about 8 and I think they were called LTNT but they never really made that clear. They were pretty average with there music but good performance.
Skillet came on at about 9 and opened with Whispers in the Dark from their comatose album. They had a violin and cello player with them which added a nice effect and had there own solo's at the beginning and end of the whole night.
 They came on with a lot of energy which was constant through the whole night.
They played a mix of songs from their album Collide (2003), Comatose (2006), Awake (2009) and Rise (2013).
I was very happy see them, I've not been this excited about a band in a long time. This was their third time coming to the UK; First was supporting Nickelback (which I would of gone to if I had known they were playing) and they played Download Festival this year on the second stage, Which I did go to.
Was an amazing night and wish I could relive the whole thing again and again and again...

After the show we headed to Victoria coach station to get our bus back to Cheltenham and have some well deserved sleep.

Overall, the day was amazing and need to go to a gig in London again sometime. It is a long way to travel but for the right band, its worth it.

I did films bits of the day and shall be making a video out of them which I'll do a post about soon.

Please give me feed back on my first longish writing piece, will help me improve on the next one I do.