Thursday, 20 November 2014

Crossfaith 17.11.2014

I started filming a 'day in the life' video on monday but it didn't go well because I forgot to film in the interesting bit. So instead I've decided to write a little review of the gig.
This is my first go at a music review so hopefully it will go ok.

I got to Bristol at about half 6 to meet my friends. We then didn't get to the venue till about 8pm.
The venue had also changed from the Anson Rooms at the University of Bristol to the Marble Factory or Motion as its also called. It was in an industrial estate near temple meads station and I was pretty impressed. They had kept all the 'warehouse' feature's and the bar was just some wooden slabs put together to make a bar. It felt like I was in some dirty underground club which kinda added the atmosphere a bit. By the time we got there we had missed the first band.
They are called Cytota and I have no idea how they were but I have seen them before in Birmingham (there hometown) and I remember they were good. They are a Rock/Metal/Melodic-metalcore style to they fit well with the other bands on the bill.
Here is their song Shapes for you to listen to:

Next on to the stage were a band I'd never heard of and couldn't hear what they were called because it was shouted in to the microphone. I found out from talking to some people at the gig they are called ColdRain 
They are from japan and as the first band I saw that night,; what an opener. Their performance was spot on with so much energy the crowd was going crazy for them. They played the set flawlessly, with a nice balence of playing songs and interacting with the crowd. For a first timer seeing them they really imprested me and have a new fan.
On their facebook they say they're a rock band but on a heavier side of rock I'd say with some un-clean vocals but not to harsh for the untrained ear.
They really got me going the the rest of bands and they could easily headline there own show now!
Have a listen yourself:

The main support for the tour is a band called Silent Screams and they are a metalcore band from Coventry. I saw them 4 times last year, the exact same set for 3 of them a silently longer one for the headline tour. Now they have a new album out they can play more songs!
They started off with 'The Way We Were' a stand alone single they released in between album 1 and 2. Then they moved in to some tracks from the new album which was good the hear and Joel(un-clean vocals) is a very good lead, getting the crowd to move and excited about seeing them. One of the reasons I personally like them is the contrast between the 2 vocalists. Un-clean vocals are low and might to be appealing to everyone but when Tom they're bassist and clean vocalist comes in the other half the crowd are pleased and like listening to the nice melodic vocals which they can sing along with. The whole band performance is in harmony, really getting their excitement to the crowd which roles through and gets the crowd moving, even if it's just taping their foot a bit.
They end with the classic track 'When it Rains' which is a good finisher because everyone knows it and they have good sing-along bit for the crowd. Overall, they are a band that fits the high energy bill and really added to the crowd anticipation on seeing Crossfaith next.
Have a listen:

I saw Crossfaith at Download Festival this year and I tell anyone this but they creamed all over the first band on, on the Friday. Being the first few bands on stage on Friday can be hard but Crossfaith came on and gave it there all and everyone had been jumping, headbanging, moshing along to them by the end of their short set. Now it was time to see how they really were; headline set on their first UK tour, from a little taster and hoping for good things, very good things.
It started with a 15-20 minute rave mix which was good, got the crowd going but I think a bit to long because after a while I was going 'you starting now?'
They came of with instant energy which exploded over the crowd. I was straight away cramped up and being 5ft its not very nice! for the first few songs I didn't mind though, I got caught up in the excited and energy around me. I don't got all out at gigs now, I prefer to hang back and watch now but this one really got me going. I jumped, head banged and moved, I got squashed and I didn't care. Every song was perfectly timed to go in to the next one and I lost track of time. I moved back after a while to get a drink and watch near the back to fully appreciate what I was seeing.
what I saw was something I haven't seen a while. Other than the edges, the whole crowd was a moving mass of flesh and sweat. I still nodded my head along and enjoyed the site I was seeing. Crossfaith themselves were giving a spectacular performance, energy all the through and even the drummer was making himself known to the crowd.
They did play Omen in their encore, the song I think everyone knows them for, its how I found them. Everyone was going crazy for it, even nodding along slightly.
I think the only bad point of the show was Kenta was saying a lot that they were from Japan and this was their first headline tour in the UK, it is a bit nit picky but, I got to give something that wasn't good about the performance. Can't be to bias. For me though it is just something that annoys me, I'm just ' OK, heard you first time, don't need to be told again and again and again..' you get the idea. Overall they are one of the favorite live bands and would defiantly go see them again and recommend going to see them. Even if you don't know any of their songs you will most likely enjoy it.
Have a listen to them:

Since this is my first music review I'm not sure how to really wrap it all up but I will say, check all the bands out and defiantly go see them live. The show is defiantly in my top 5 gigs of the year which is a hard list to choose from! Anyway, please share and comment your thoughts. All much appreciated.

Till my next review.