Thursday, 13 November 2014


I've been having a little online browse and decided to do a little 'Wishlist' of items I'd like and how I would style them with clothes I already have.

Miss Rebel:
I've never been on this site before and was presently surprised on the price of clothes. I always like shopping in affordable shops or online store's and always nice to find another well priced store.
Here are my picks I'd want to get:

I love shorts and these light blue denim shorts would fit nicely in my wardrobe. Will go with majority of my tops and shorts. Every wardrobe needs some basic blue shorts.

I do like my crop tops and thought this top would go nicely with the shorts above. It would also go with all my shorts and dungarees. 
 I've been wanting a red tartan dress for ages and now I've found 2! This style of dress suits my body type with a belt to pull it in at the waist and hide by pesky stomach. Would go well with my black boots and leather jacket.
 I think its the picture but this dress seems a tad lighter but still very pretty. The style would again suit me but I'd need to see if it looks ok with my shoulders because sleeveless dresses can make them look a lot bigger than they are.
 Basic black vest which will go with anything.
 This dress is a bit more out of my comfort zone but looks very nice and the style would suit me. Just would need to see if the pattern does!

Liquor and Poker:
I LOVE shorts. I've been wearing shorts and tights for years and its something I feel comfy in and enjoy wearing. I found this on asos and liked some of there peices.

I don't own any distressed shorts and these basic blue shorts would be good to have to give me a slightly edger look. Will go with many tops I own and will look very good with my band tees.

These are more avant garde than my other shorts but would look really nice.

I don't wear a lot of jeans, I've never felt very comfy in them and feel very fat and ugly in them. I've not idea but that's usually how I feel. 
I have however been wanting to try the MOM jeans that are around at the moment. I have no idea if they'd suit me but they do look nice, which is a step.

That's my little wishlist of some items I like. Please comment and share if you liked this list or have other ideas. Thank you :)