Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Make up.

So the other week I realized I needed to get some more make up. Now I'm not a big make up person, I really only wear eye make up and very rarely wear foundation, blusher and all that.
Make up has never really been an important thing to me, only in the past year have I wanted to try it more and see what works but I still stick to eye make up.
My usual look was black/grey eye shadow, eye liner and mascara. I would wear blue, purple or silver eye shadow but only if it went with the outfit. I've been mainly inspired by various YouTuber's I've watched to try some other color's and techniques.
Since I was inspired I went to Superdrug and did some shopping. Like I've mentioned I'm not a make up person so I've no idea what are the best brands to try. For me I go for the best priced which isn't going to break the bank, I've found that Collections is good for me, affordable ( with most items being 2-5pounds) and got some nice color's and everything I want to try.
I loaded up on some of the products I've used before because I needed a refresh.


Accidentally got the brown.black but still looks fine.
Eye liner:

These I've found are best for me, The eye liner lasts and gives a good line (with practice!) and the mascara is a nice one for an everyday look plus the first coat on if your doing more than one layer.

The next ones I picked I had never tried before but thought they would be good to add to what I already had.

Clear Mascara:
The clear mascara I choose because I wanted something that would be good for an everyday look but not a colored mascara. I've used this once so far and works well. This was in the Little Minx collection of Collections. 
Glitter Eye Liner:
I think this is a must have in your make up collection, I've used this with many looks and turns a normal look in to a nice 'going out' look. Really gives my eyes that extra bit of wow. I'd recommend using it over a black or coloured eye liner, I did use it as my eye liner once but didn't really work as well.

Longer Lash Mascara:
I got this mascara to try. It does make a bit of difference but not majorly, mainly used this with other mascaras to help boost my eye lashes.

BB Cream:
I've never used a BB cream before and to be honest had no idea what it really was but I was wanting to try new things so got it. It has surprised me and I really like it. I find its a lot lighter than foundation I use and lot nicer on my skin. My skin feels to breath a bit more with it on and I've used a few times just for wearing in the day.

The blusher I was more unsure about. Did the back of hand test and thought I'd look ok and it has looked nice. I'm not very good at judging stuff to go with skin tone but it looked nice and gave my cheeks that subtle glow I like to have.

Eye Shadow:
I also was wanting to find some new eye shadow, more specifically the natural tones that I've seen people use a lot. I couldn't find any pallets in Collections section so had a look at other brands to see what I could find and what was affordable. I ended up looking at the Barry M range and found 2 really nice eye shadow pallets that suited me.

If you can't read upside down it says 'Smokin' Hot Palette, shadow and blush,'
You get a better look at the colour's in the second picture.
 It has a nice gradient from light to dark to do the gradient thing on eyes which I have done myself with the white, grey and shinny black. I looks really nice and blended very well. The brushes that came with it work fine for me. It also came with a blusher which I have tried but didn't look very nice with my skin tone. Was to bright and the colour just did not match! Was about 6-7 pounds which I thought was very good for a palette and blusher. This will last me a while and be a good everyday and evening make up.

Can read this better but it says 'Natural glow palette 2, shadow and primer'
I looked at both one's and prefered the colours in this one, it also comes with a primer.
 Can see the colour's again here.
I have used this palette once and it did look very nice. Need to work with a bit more to get the colors right but all nice. Will be a nice one to use for a more natural make up look. I also like the fact it comes with a primer which saves you buying an extra eye primer. This was also 6-7 pounds which again is great value for a eye shadow palette and primer.

I did also get some black and clear nail varnish, have also used it and it looked nice but did come off very quickly but that was because I didn't have time for it to dry properly.

Thanks for reading. please comment/share if you enjoyed :)
cya soon x